Class oriented Trade Union Confederation

Intersindical-CSC is a trade union confederation made up of Professional Federations (private sector, public sector and industry), Youth Wing and Regional Branches with the aim to organize Catalonia’s working people. Intersindical-CSC is a class oriented trade union confederation on the basis of the solidarity, independence and internationalism seeking for a truly independent and fair Catalonia.

Nationwide Organization

Intersindical-CSC is represented nationwide on the main labor sectors:

Public sector

National & local administration

Healthcare system


Private Sector


Banking & Insurance




Engineering & scientific




Metal & Automotive

Paper & Wood



Food & drinks

Drinking water & basic

Graphic & electronic



Our Principles:

• The trade union must serve the working class as an organized, democratic, free and independent joint action standing up for national, socioeconomic and labor rights in order to transform the current social structure in another truly caring, free and fair.

• The trade union action is based on the person as the core of the social and economics.

• Intersindical-CSC aim is the elimination of all forms of oppression between individuals or groups and achieving a socioeconomic structure for meeting personal development and fair needs.

• Common interest are before the will of any privileged minority. It is necessary a truly economic and social democracy allowing working people to make decisions both working centers and society.

• The trade union is an instrument in the fight against abuse of power and labor strike is the essential tool to stand up for working people rights.

• To achieve our goals we believe in dialogue and majority decision-making, standing up for diversity, minorities and freedom of association.

• In order to defend more strongly working people rights we need to foster the unity of trade union’s action.

• The People of the Catalan Countries has the clear and inalienable right to self-determination. National liberation is bound with social transformation that we deserve as a citizens and working people.

• Equal opportunities, rights and duties between men and women and for all people need to be carried out effectively and not just as a declaration of intent. Education and struggle to achieve equity for all needs to be a cross-cutting issue in our action and claims.

• Catalan language is the native language of the Catalan People and one of the main’s cultural heritage. Every action we do needs to go towards defending, promoting and restoring Catalan language. We should achieve Catalan language becomes working people’s common language all over the country.

• We stand up for a green and sustainable future. It is a cross-cutting issue in our action and our claims to the governments.

• Intersindical-CSC is independent of any social, economic, politic or cultural lobby.

• No racial, gender, religious, ideological or any other type of discrimination is accepted in a plural and democratic organization, and we will fight it back.

• Both confrontation among peoples or oppression by one country toward another one are unfitted in a developed society. We must reject and fight it back on the basis of the self-determination and the inherent right of peace with social justice.

• Civil society’s role setting the living conditions needs to be more active. We, civil society organizations and population as a whole need to be taken in account for decision-making. Government’s bureaucracy need to be stamped out and achieve a truly participatory democracy.

Training workers, encouraging study and research in order to improve trade union action.

Solidarity and mutual support among working people to stand up for national, economic, social and labor rights.

• We need to strive for a world of free peoples committed with solidarity where working people transform current States structures. We are engaged internationally to build a trade unionism based on social transformation.

International relations

Intersindical-CSC engages friendship and partnership relations with the largest pro-independence trade unions from Galicia (CIG) and Basque Country (ELA and LAB) as well as Sardinia (CSS) and Corsica (STC).

Moreover Intersindical-CSC is full member of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and the Platform of Stateless Trade Unions (PSNSE).

Intersindical-CSC has been actively involved on human rights and global justice programs with trade unions in Colombia (Fensuagro, Astracatol, Sintraunal and Sinpeagric), Bolivia (CSUTCB) and Ecuador (FENOCIN).